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FaceUp Web Design is an independent company that offers you a web design service with a personal touch.
We provide modern vibrant websites built with your needs and requirements in mind. Please get in touch for a free no obligation quote.


Use beautiful images as a backdrop for your website. Showcase your products and designs with photographs and videos.



Add regular posts to your site, keep your readers engaged and allow them to comment and ask questions



Add links to your social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Use permalinks within your website to direct readers to other parts of your business or to external sites.

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Add reviews and testimonials from customers and clients. User experiences add value and authenticity to your site.

With the internet at the forefront of today's society the number of people wanting and needing web pages is ever increasing. As consumers ourselves, we realised that more and more people were using social media sites to advertise their businesses or groups as opposed to having their own websites. Whilst these definitely have their place as a means of advertising and marketing they can be restrictive and frustrating at times.

Our Services

Creating simple, elegant and professional websites

Customer Service


At FaceUp Web Design our aim is to help those who want an online presence but who do not perhaps have the time, inclination or finances to pursue this. Websites can cost thousands of pounds but the fact is, they don't have to.

We pride ourselves on good quality web pages and excellent customer service. You will have personal contact with our developer throughout the process and will be able to ensure that your site looks and works exactly as you intended before it goes live. You will have the option to make tweaks and changes along the way. We ensure that your site works for you.

Not sure whether this is for you? Need more details? Are you worried about asking silly questions? Concerned about price? Please do just get in contact with your query and we will be happy to help. No question is too much trouble, and we promise to get in touch quickly.

Working Together

We will work with you to understand what you are looking for from your website with regards to content and design.

Once we have built a framework for your page we will provide you with a development url which will allow you to view your site and request any changes before it goes live under your domain name.

Domains and Hosting

In order for a website to work it must have both a domain name (i.e. and a host (a company that actually puts the content of the site onto the web under your domain name).

There will always be a cost associated with this but it may only be a few pounds per month.

Updates and Amendments

We know that updates and amendments are an important consideration when deciding to have a website. You may be concerned that when changes are needed this is going to incur additional charges that you could do without! We have this covered. If you would like to be able to make changes yourself then we can provide you with the details and guidance to enable you to do this but if you want us to make the changes then we guarantee to keep our charges to a minimum.


Prices will vary according to content and requirements but we guarantee to be great value for money.

Please get in touch for a no obligation quote.

All of our websites are fully responsive; this means that whether you are looking at it with a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device the quality of the site is not affected and the sizing automatically adjusts itself.

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