September 18, 2017


Add a Blog to your page. Keep your readers up to date with news articles, your journals or any kind of information that enhances your business profile. An example of how this might look:


 With the internet at the forefront of today’s society the number of people wanting and needing web pages is ever increasing. As consumers ourselves we realised that more and more people were using social media sites to advertise their business’ or groups as opposed to having their own websites.Whilst these definitely have their place as a means of advertising and marketing they can be restrictive and frustrating at times. We also realise that there are a number of business owners that really have no desire to embrace any kind of modern technology and know nothing about it. That is no problem at all, we understand, and we can help. Websites are often considered to be expensive, technical and beyond reach of many small or independent business’. Whilst this may have been true twenty years ago and of course depending on the scope and content required could still be true, there are other options available. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to get a website designed for you and ANYONE can have a website.